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A Visit to Childress Winery

The Smith Family recently toured Childress Vineyards and gave the next generation of the Mr. P's legacy their first experience in the art of wine-making. We proudly featured Childress Wines in our first week of NC Wine and Grape month promotions and they were extremely popular with our Mr. P's customers! It was exciting to see how the process works from start to finish and we highly recommend a visit to this award winning winery!

When we arrived, Vineyard Tour Guide (and recent Mr. P's customer), Lee, lead us on a very informative exploration. He explained the history of Richard Childress’ passion for wine and why he selected the terrain of the Yadkin Valley to build his vineyard and winery. As we entered the wine crushing area a sweet grape aroma circled our senses. The processing of grapes and creation of wine is mastered by Childress Vineyards own award-winning winemaker Mark Friszolowski.

We had the privilege of meeting with Mark as he was crushing this year’s Viogner juice. After a quick lunch at the vineyard’s Bistro and a meeting with national sales director Doss Cummings our exit through the Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon vine rows left us wishing that we could stay longer to enjoy the afternoon cool breeze with another glass.

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