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Oyster Love

For most people, October is known for ushering in cooler weather, colorful leaves and ghosts and goblins…but at Mr. P’s it’s our favorite time of year because it is the start of our local oyster season!! If you’ve been to Mr. P’s then you know we are little fanatical about our oysters and serve them in a variety of ways (on the half shell, steamed, fried, Bienville, Rockefeller) throughout the year. And while we are grateful for the oysters from Louisiana and Virginia that we enjoy year-round, we are a little biased about our local oysters…Topsails, Lockwood Folly and xxx to name a few.

So most of you know whether you like oysters or not, but apart from that, how much do you know about our friend the bivalve? We decided to explore a few...

The “R” month rule…

The general rule of thumb as we know it around these parts are that you do NOT eat oysters in a month that doesn’t have an “R” in it (i.e., May, June, July, August). But this rule is a little hazy, what about September? It has an “r” in it, but oyster season doesn’t start until mid-October.

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